What to do if the bookie refuses to payout

One of the interesting cases that each bettor may face when betting with an online or offline bookmaker is when a bet is winning, but the bookie refuses to pay it out due to an error in the odds offered to the player. What does this mean and how can this happen?

Firstly, this means that you’ve been offered a much higher odds than normal and therefore the bookie refuses to pay your winnings or at least not above the winning calculated by the real odds for the bet.

Secondly, it happens quite often, especially with the offline bookmakers where the people who take your bet from time to time make mistakes. Especially if the bet is made ​over the phone.

What can be done if this is the case? Actually, not much. Unlike many other legal relationships (what actually every bet with a registered bookmaker is) here all unconscious or deliberate errors made by the bookies don’t bring them any harm. The betting house has the right to claim that they will pay you the profit calculated by the reasonable odds and any court will probably agree with them.

So if you get odds of 8 for Manchester City’s victory over Stoke at home in a league match of the English Premier League do not hurry to celebrate. Even if you bet and even if you win the path until you actually get the money from the bookmaker is hard and long. However, you will easily get your profit with the real odds.

If you are asking at the moment “Why, isn’t it unfair?” the answer is that the biggest worldwide bookmakers are companies whose sole purpose is to make money in all possible ways. They also know what it needs to be done to be protected from all possible errors. The power is on their side and a punter will hardly be able to fight with them.

So, if you see such strange odds, the best thing you can do is simply contact the bookmaker once again to confirm that the odds are real and not an error. If the bookmaker confirms it, then everything is OK. If it is a mistake, well, you don’t expect to get odds of 8 for a City’s win at home against Stoke, right?

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