Live betting on tennis matches

Live betting on tennis matches is extremely attractive and in some circumstances could be sufficiently profitable. For the top tennis tournaments the biggest bookmakers like bet365, William Hill and Bet at Home offer many in play betting options and one of them is about which one of the players will win the particular game.

The thing which is most characteristic for this type of live betting is that the odds are changed drastically during the game. It is entirely possible, under certain circumstances, the bettor to get pretty high odds in both directions after a few rallies.

For example, if you decide to bet for a break in the game and you bet on a match played by two relatively equal players at 30:15 for the serving player you will most often get odds around 10. It doesn’t seem quite impossible to have a break when the result is 30:15 right?

There are many punters around the world who bet on that way (of course with varying success ) by building their strategy on the basis of their betting experience and knowledge about the players. They follow the odds all the time and often bet on pretty high odds.

Of course this betting method doesn’t guarantee a particularly high success rate, but the bigger odds ensure that even with a low success rate, the profit is possible.

There are also bettors who use a completely opposite strategy. They back the serving player when the result in the game is 0:15 or 0:30 and thus get better odds.

The variations are many, but what is important is that with the proposals of betting houses like bet365, William Hill and Bet at Home for tennis matches, the opportunities for the bettors are many and should be carefully explored.

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